“Mesopotamia” EP

Released January 27, 1982

B-52's Mesopotamia album promo poster 82

“Deep Sleep”
“Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can”
“Nip It in the Bud”

“Mesopotamia” is an EP by the B-52’s. It was produced by David Byrne of Talking Heads and was originally planned to be the band’s third studio album. Due to conflicts with Byrne and record label pressure, recording sessions were aborted prematurely and only six of ten songs to be completed were released.


Considered a departure in style for the B-52’s; Byrne and the band added plenty of additional instruments, vocal overdubs, horns, synthesizers, layered percussion and an altogether richer sound.
The EP was a moderate success, and spawned three single releases: double A-sides “Deep Sleep”/”Nip it in the Bud,” “Cake”/”Loveland” and “Mesopotamia”/”Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can.”