“Party Mix!” remix album

“Party Mix!” is a 1981 remix album by The B-52’s
Released: July, 1981

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Released after their second album “Wild Planet.” This six-song collection contained songs from their first two albums remixed and sequenced to form two long tracks, one on each side.

“Party Out of Bounds” (Remix) (Schneider, Strickland, Wilson, Wilson, Pierson)
“Private Idaho (Remix)” (Schneider, Strickland, Wilson, Wilson, Pierson)
“Give Me Back My Man” (Remix) (Schneider, Strickland, Wilson, Wilson)

“Lava” (Remix)
“Dance This Mess Around” (Remix)
“52 Girls” (Remix) (Jeremy Ayers, Ricky Wilson)


“Live! 8-24-1979” concert

Recorded live in Boston at a show opening for the Talking Heads.

79 08 24 B-52's Performance Centre, Boston Somersaults
An original vinyl bootleg cover.

The band says:

We opened up for the Talking Heads just six weeks after our first record was released. We were a little scared of the audience so we kept our heads down and focused – and we danced like mad when there was a break! Ricky was so fierce on the guitar – so intense – it was all so raw and live and we loved it.

The B-52’s unearthed 1979 live album.
Rhino released Live! 8-24-1979, a previously unreleased 1979 live performance by the B-52’s. It features the band performing a bunch of songs from their first two albums (The B-52’s and Wild Planet). The concert, which was recorded at the Berklee Center in Boston, was found in Warner Bros. Records’ vaults.

“The B-52’s” debut album

“The B-52’s” is the debut album by the new wave band the B-52’s. The album cover was designed by Tony Wright (credited as Sue Ab Surd).
Released: July 6, 1979

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“Planet Claire”
“52 Girls”
“Dance This Mess Around”

“Rock Lobster”
“There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)”
“Hero Worship”
“Downtown” (Petula Clark cover)

An impoverished two-girl, three-guy quintet from Athens, Georgia, the B-52’s could barely afford their own instruments…

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“The B-52’s” peaked at number 59 on the Billboard 200, while “Rock Lobster” reached number 56 on the Billboard Hot 100.

B-52's Ban Notice 1979

Music critic Robert Christgau awarded the album rating an “A,” commenting that he is
“more delighted with their rhythms, which show off their Georgia roots by adapting the innovations of early funk (a decade late, just like the Stones and Chicago blues) to an endlessly danceable force beat format.
In 2003, the album was ranked number 152 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

“Rock Lobster” single

“Rock Lobster” is a song written by Fred Schneider and Ricky Wilson of The B-52’s.

B-52s Rock Lobster plates cvr
B-side: “52 Girls” (DB), “6060-842” (Warner Bros.)
Released: April 1978

Produced in two versions, one by DB Records released in April, 1978, and a longer version, which was part of the band’s 1979 self-titled debut album, released by Warner Bros. The DB Records single version is rawer and faster than the Warner version with almost the same lyrics of the second version, including some extra lines in the listing of marine animals.

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“Rock Lobster” was the band’s first single to appear on the Billboard Hot 100, where it reached No. 56.
A major hit in Canada, the single went all the way to No. 1 in the RPM national singles chart.

B-52s pic disc Rock under a

It was well received by critics and was placed at No. 147 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

B-52s pic disc Rock Lobster

B-52s pic disc Rock Lobster orig vers